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Relaxing, therapeutic, and deep tissue massage with varying pressures tailored for the client's experience.

60min Massage

An hour is a good amount of time for a basic full-body with no focus areas OR for addressing 1-2 active issues and their associated muscles for treatment.

90min Massage

90min is the most recommended, allowing time to address issues while still potentially being able to conduct full-body*
*(depending on individuals' tissue-response)

120min Massage**

2hr massages can spend proper time on tough knots and deep tension full-body and/or devote extra time to such areas like feet and scalp.


1st Visit

Also available:

Hot Stones or Cupping can be added to your session with additional paperwork.
(not available for Prenatal massages)

**NOTE: parking in the immediate area is typically 2 hours.

For those booking 2hr massages: there is limited, un-timed, street-parking directly across from the building. 

1hr Prenatal Massage:

Prenatal massages can help alleviate muscular & joint pain, reduce anxiety & stress, less the symptoms of depression, ease insomnia, and improve both lymph and blood circulation.

Prenatal massages for clients in their 2nd or 3rd Trimester. Currently trained and equipped for Side-Lying with pillows (no face down or on your back, at the moment).
Please be sure to speak with your OB-GYN to allow opportunity for any cautions advised based on your pregnancy..

New Clients! Start here:

Per Washington State law: all clients must fill out an Intake & Consent form before their first appointment and updated once per year.

[Forms are submitted and held through a secure HIPPA BAA system for privacy protection\

A link is e-mailed when you book or click the link below:

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