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My Background

Heal IRL LLC logo (design by Theresa Turpel)

   I've been massaging just about my entire life.  My mom worked graveyard shifts as a cashier, leaving her feet and legs constantly aching.  We would watch TV or chat while I massaged her feet to try and help.
  I started picking up massage books and practicing on friends & coworkers in my later teens.  I loved having a way I could help people feel better.

   I finally decided to pursue it as a career and graduated from Bodymechanics School of Massage & Myotherapy of Vancouver in 2019.

   I'm eager to help those in pain or having a hard time letting go of tension and being able to relax.

My Approach


   I use my first-hand experience, continuing education, and response-detection of the tissues to work with the body and untangle people's complicated "pain-puzzles".  

   I like arming people with tricks and tips they can use in everyday life.  In my experience, people have better results when they know more about what is going on with their muscles and body.

   Pain is exhausting and any amount of time is too long to have to put up with that.  I aim to make a difference in people's lives.


A little more about me:

   I've lived in Longview for about 7 years (Squirrel Fest was a big selling point for me, haha) with my partner of over 14 years, Jeremiah. 
    We're both pretty big nerds that enjoy puzzles, board games/table top games, reading, illustration, writing, and plants (though respective skills/results vary).
    No children, but lots (and I mean LOTS) of nephews and a niece ❤️ and three spoiled, old cats.


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